Saturday, 3 November 2007


Cornwall is lovely. My mum lives in the Roseland peninsula which is a most picturesque part of the world. The people are friendly - they say "Good Morning" and "Good Afternoon", whereas in Solihull people just walk past one - and the weather is very mild. However there are some aspects that make me think I could never live here. In no particular order they are:
  1. Everyone stays in after dark. No-one goes out, the roads and streets are just about deserted.
  2. There are almost no take-aways of any sort. The nearest Fish and Chip shop is in St Mawes which is some 8 miles away and the nearest Chinese restaurant is 12 miles distant. I have not found a curry house yet. Contract this with Brum where there are take away food establishments everywhere.
  3. One has to drive to get anywhere.
  4. More or less no nightlife, so young people get awfully bored.
  5. The local shops have a huge range of stock, but no choice for any one product. e.g. the village shop stocks a wide range of food, toiletries, stationery, papers, hardware, booze,soft drinks, dairy products, etc. etc., but if you want shaving gel, it has got to be Gillette. The shops are open all hours, and do everything they can to help there customers, so it is not really a complaint.
  6. There are no coffee shops.
Having written and reviewed that list, I can see that I'm being very picky, and if I was forced to live here, most people would say I was very lucky.

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