Tuesday, 30 September 2008

My own Personal Trainer.....?

Previous blog posts have kept readers up-to-date with my swimming regime. One interested soul is no. 3 son, Christopher who has been kind enough to be impressed by my efforts. This is now beginning to wear off and he is saying things like "Are you getting any faster?" Well, it happens that I am, but not much. "You should sprint the last five lengths!" and "It should hurt" are other pieces of advice that he has offered.

Now, I admit that he is fitter than I have ever been in my life and his hockey coaches at school included an Olympic Gold medalist, but I'm not sure I need this kind of driving. I do not , for a moment, doubt that what he suggests will make me fitter and stronger, I just want to do this at my own pace. Frankly, his stories of people throwing up on the side of the hockey pitch after a particular set of exercises in training, do nothing for my motivation. People who make themselves ill getting fit, need to get a sense of perspective in my view.

I can't wait till he gets a job and I can start getting my own back.

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