Friday, 10 August 2007

The Great Shirt Round Up

This warm weather is great, we had another cook-out (as our transatlantic cousins would call it) this evening, and most enjoyable it was. The vegetables came from the garden, so they tasted of something, and the meat came from the butchers in Knowle, so was traceable. All-in-all, Yummy.

Today was the first day of the Great Shirt Round Up and Cull. I have more shirts than I like to admit to. I haven't actually counted them, but there are lots. (they probably number into three figures) Since I no longer work, my need for "work" shirts has diminished greatly. Many unused "work" shirts have been congregating in my wardrobe and today they got sorted. They were duly folded up and placed in the great shirt container under the bed. In so doing I unearthed some old friends and even some unworn new shirts that would suit my new relaxed lifestyle. So, I got some out (8 out v 13 in). A small amount of space has been made in the wardrobe, and some horrid old shirts have been culled. Quite satisfying really. Probably another session or two is required to get the entire collection sorted, but if I do that I'll have no unknown pleasures, or horrors, lurking under the bed. So I think I'll hold off for a while.

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