Thursday, 2 August 2007

Week off

I spent last weekend with my elderly mother and I'm having a week away from London.
A back injury, sustained on Monday, has laid me low this week, but the silver lining was the gorgeous lady chiropractor who gave me the once over on Tuesday morning. She jumped on me to free my back, with more enthusiasm (and therefore force) than I thought was strictly necessary, but the treatment handed out seems to have done the trick. I'll remember what she told me for a long time, and I'll even do the exercises she recommended.

At long last the sun shone and we were able to have a bar-b-que yesterday. It felt like summer. We just need a lot more of it.

Having almost lost the hearing in one ear, I was sent for an MRI scan by the ear, nose and throat clinic at Solihull Hospital. I have to say that to get the letter saying that everything was normal was a big relief. Apparently to have lost the hearing in one ear is unusual, and they like to check that it is not a sign of something more serious. I guess everyone does it, but I imagined the worse until the letter turned up.

We're off to see the Proms on Sunday which will be most enjoyable.

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