Sunday, 21 March 2010

The Havant Duck Race

The weather this morning is a great improvement over yesterday, which must have come as a great relief to the organisers of a Duck Race that took place in the park opposite my daughter's house at 11:00.

Promptly, at the appointed hour, some 500 or so ducks were released into the small stream and made their way down to the finish. It was a distance of a quarter of a mile or so. What impressed me was the atmosphere that surrounded the event. It was a real family outing with children of all ages, dogs, and family members enjoying the occasion.

Our eye had been caught by the arrival of a trailer bearing tent, cooking equipment, tables, chairs and all the other paraphernalia necessary. They started to set up at around 8 a.m. and by 10, it was all in place. Members of the scout troupe turned up early in their wellington boots, to help set up and then to release and recover the plastic ducks at the end of the race. At the conclusion of the race, tea,coffee and burgers were available, and many seemed to be using this a a substitute for breakfast.

Amidst all the stories of antisocial behaviour by young people, it was nice to witness a reminder that there is much that is good about this country.

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