Monday, 29 March 2010

Something of a difference

Today I've had an opportunity to contrast the attitudes that prevail in the public and private sectors. The council operate an attractive looking scheme at the local tip which is akin to a loyalty card scheme. For each load of green waste you take to the tip, you get a card stamped and with 5 stamps you can claim a free bag of compost. When I enquired, I was told "We haven't got any cards, and we haven't had any for months". So it was home to phone the council who said earnestly, "Ah, they shouldn't be saying that, I'll get some one from the waste management dept. to look into it". They took my phone number and I shall be amazed if I hear any more.

In contrast, a double glazing company called on the dot of the time agreed on Friday, clearly keen to get a quote in for a job and make a sale.

The public sector need a good shake up.

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