Monday, 12 April 2010


Some months ago, I signed up to the Power 2010 campaign. I contributed to the choice of the the five changes that would be thought to bring about the most profound and needed change to the political system in the UK.

The 5 things are:
  1. Introduce a proportional voting system
  2. Scrap ID cards and roll back the database state
  3. Replace the House of Lords with an elected Chamber
  4. Allow only English MPs to vote on English Laws
  5. Draw up a written constitution
Together these form the Power 2010 Pledge. As part of the campaign, we were asked to email the prospective candidates in our constituency and ask which of these they support. The outcome here in Solihull has been quite instructive.
The Tory Candidate does not support any of them, even no 4 (!) - somehow, this response comes as no surprise.
The Lib-Dem candidate supports them all as they are Lib-Dem policy
The Labour candidate has not replied (somehow this doesn't surprise me either).

My reaction is that the response of the two major parties is PATHETIC. It is enough to make me weep. Rise up, fellow voters and give the two major parties the most tremendous kick in the goolies!

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