Saturday, 24 April 2010

Working with Robin

Not our daughter, but with the Robin who owns our front garden (amongst others, I suspect). The borders in the front have become clogged with weeds, so today I took some tools and hand weeded the most visible stretches. Within 5 minutes, I had been joined by a small robin who explained, by a tilt of his head that I should pause in my grubbing around in the soil every so often so that he could have a turn. He was clearly not frightened of me and so long as I sat on my stool and kept my tools out of his way, he was prepared to sit and wait, while I cleared some weeds, then he hopped onto the soil and fished out all the tasty grubs he could find, before indicating that it was my turn again.

For most of an hour he was within two feet of me and quite often, I could have stretched out a hand and touched the little fellow if he had let me. As it was I kept still while he ate the grubs I'd uncovered, so we got on very well. As I slowly moved along the bed moving my stool along the tarmac, he would occasionally fly off but would return in a few seconds to check on my progress and indicate that he should have a turn.

The noise of passing traffic and people simply ceased to exist as I got lost in wonder at his presence, and thanks to his company, I stuck at the task for longer than I would have done otherwise.

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