Friday, 7 May 2010

The Politicians We Deserve?

What a lily-livered bunch we are. We, the British Electorate, had the chance to tell the politicians of this country what we thought of them and our discredited electoral system, and we could quite bring ourselves to take it. The saying goes, that we get the politicians we deserve, and boy, we deserve what we get after yesterday.

On a local note, I am delighted that our MP, Lorely Burt won. The Conservatives selected the most unattractive candidate they could find so they cannot, surely, be surprised that they lost. Goodbye, Maggie Throup, may you never re-emerge.

Let us now hope that some Grown-ups take charge, and we get a government who put the country, rather than their own party, first.

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Methodical Rob said...

Nil desperandum.
PR has to happen - it took 215k to elect a green mp and 20k to elect an irish one - bonkers.
Hope Clegg can exploit his unique opportunity. There's a real chance that he can do the business. Three hours sleep and a bit weary tonight but waiting patiently for Gordon to ring for advice.
Johnson or Milliband for PM.
Its all very interesting.