Friday, 7 December 2007

I'm back!

To borrow a word from my son James, YAY! Our internet service has been restored.

Last Saturday (1st December) the pole supporting a load of telephone cables here in Gerrans had a direct hit by a bolt of lightning. There were several other strikes in the area surrounding the two villages too. Result.. we had no electricity for most of Saturday and the poor old engineers were out replacing transformers and switchgear up the poles for most of Saturday night and Sunday.

The pole that took the direct hit is in the grounds of the telephone exchange. It is less that four feet from the exchange itself. As a result, most of the village has been without telephones for a few days. My BTHomeHub was fried, along with all of the ADSL filters. I'm pleased to report that BT have been very prompt in replacing all of these items. Our phone was fixed on Wednesday afternoon, but somehow, while replacing all the broadband equipment in the exchange, our line was missed and it was not until this afternoon that it was finally fixed. A big thank you to those at BT who have worked so hard this week.

Apparently some dozen or so people have had the TVs expire as a result of the weather, so in a good example of community, one kind soul loaded them all into his car and has taken them of to be repaired.

Mum had her eye operation on Wednesday, and is feeling no ill effects. I must go for a walk tomorrow.

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