Sunday, 23 December 2007


A few posts ago I had decided that I was grumpy. Now I've been home for a few days, I decided that I am getting into the Christmas Spirit. Our house is full of large young men. They have come home from university and reoccupied the spaces they had before they left. They consume everything.

However, the main reason I feel less grumpy is that my wonderful wife has stocked up with the most wonderful looking (and smelling, now that some of it has been cooked) food. The first meal as a family will be tomorrow evening and all we men here are salivating already at the prospect. The only threat to this enjoyment is someone allowing our Siamese cats access to the meat. Should this occur, then the cat or cats involved will die, and any human complicit in the crime will probably also die the most horrible death. As you may imagine, dear reader, we are all be most diligent in ensuring the relevant doors are kept closed.

I've bought a present for everyone, so that element of the festivity is taken care of, and I've even wrapped them up already and put them under the Christmas tree. And, because I have not put a picture in the blog for ages, I've taken one with my mobile phone and here is our Christmas tree and the presents in the sleigh under it. Many thanks go to my beloved wife for getting the tree and getting it decorated. I think No. 2 son actually put the decorations on (but I may be wrong about that), but I guarantee that his mum found the correct decorations and made sure he had enough hangers to get all the decorations on.

Knowing him as I do, I suspect that No 2 son still has to go to the shops and buy the presents he plans to give people... then he'll be on the scrounge for wrapping paper, sellotape and labels... Planning ahead is not his strong point!

One of the other contributing factors to my improvement in mood and temper is that we have passed the shortest day. The nights will start to draw out from now for six months as the weather gets warmer and summer approaches.

Best Wishes to anyone and everyone who reads these ramblings.

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