Thursday, 5 June 2008

The Pensions Minefield

Today in the mail came a letter from one of my employers which started with the words "With your impending retirement, it is time for you to think about your pension...". There then followed a six page form which I have to fill in and a whole load of blurb describing the options that are open to me. There are rather a lot. Because she has much more patience than I do, and listens to Radio 4 a lot, I described the situation to my beloved wife who immediately made huge sense of it for me and I find the whole thing a lot less daunting. Even after only a few minutes with the web, it is clear that far and away the most important thing is to do a fair bit of research and a lot of shopping around.

So, I have entered the Pensions Minefield. The journey through this hazard of modern living will take a while, and will almost certainly feature in the blog (thus driving any readers I do have, away) . I promise I'll do my best not to bore you.

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