Sunday, 1 June 2008

Sunshine and showers

The last three days have been unremitting sunshine here in Gerrans. Just up the road in St Austell there have been a large number of violent thunderstorms and torrential rain. We have been able to sit in the garden and watch the thunder and rain clouds scud by to the north. We have not heard thunder, but it has been obvious from the visibility over headlands up the coast (to the east) that others in this county have had a lot worse weather than us. Funny old world.

My internet home page is that provided by BT Yahoo and has a news feed section on it which supposedly gives the headlines of the major news stories. I notice this evening that there is an item detailing the happenings in the various soap operas that feature on what passes for prime time television. Who gives a shit? I certainly don't. Get it off. Grumpies Rule!

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