Wednesday, 16 July 2008


Many Thanks to Brian, and the two Bobs for their company while sailing. The Picture of Bob and Brian on the left proves that we did have a fair bit of sunshine and thanks to Bob for letting me share in his sun tan lotion. We were blessed with two days of wind and sun, calm seas, food and drink. Result - I'm exhausted. We really enjoyed the sailing and I was pleased that my skills at navigation had not completely left me. Particularly pleasing was that I managed to steer a course that avoided making a tack while at the same time kept the boat going at a fair speed. For the last 300 yards we spent half our time looking at the echo sounder to check the depth, but it meant we had a relaxing and reasonably speedy return to Shamrock Quay

We told each other silly (and funny) stories, compared lifestyles and generally put the world to rights.

The second picture is of the converted lightship in Haslar Marina, Gosport. It is a terrific conversion to provide a bar, restaurant, showers and toilets and is comfortably the best I've seen in any British Marina. Well Done, Haslar.

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