Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Well, I'm home, so I guess mother has got others doing her dirty work. Home this week is full of birthdays and other celebrations. Today is my beloved's birthday and tomorrow is Chris's 18th. Tonight Chris has gone off to the leavers ball and he looked half decent (see picture). His date for the evening is a lovely young lady named Jenny who looked as though she would administer a good slap if he needed it.

To see his and his friends depart to this Ball reminded all the parents present that the time since they started at Solihull School seemed to have flown by. They really are nice young people. This remark prompted the reaction that nice young people have nice parents and then we realised that we'd got this the wrong way round. Nice people tend to raise attractive offspring and no. 3 son has many friends who are a great credit to their parents.

Today Chris has been playing the role of White Knight riding (well driving actually) to the rescue of one of his young lady friends whose car has had a puncture. I was proud of him for his efforts until he told me that he couldn't find the spare wheel on a Ford Fiesta. I really must teach him to read a handbook in these circumstances.

Nevertheless, his heart is very much in the right place and the young lady concerned regarded him as a hero. Well Done, lad.

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