Thursday, 3 July 2008

Taking myself in hand

Recently I've been filling up a form to get quotations for annuities. They offer significantly better rates for people who have diabetes and heart problems like angina, and since I have both of these I could benefit significantly. Then it struck me that these insurance companies are not charitable institutions and only offer improved rates because they expect one to live a much shorter life.

Now my fitness level is not good. I am not a complete couch potato but running is definitely something to be avoided in my book. As a result of this realisation on my part, a fairly pointed remark by my beloved wife and some non-stop nagging by No. 3 son, I have decided to take myself in hand.

Swimming is my chosen activity and for two reasons. One, it exercises all muscle groups and I can increase the length of my swims gently. Two, there is a brand new swimming pool within easy cycling distance of home. So, at 8:00 this morning I presented myself at these nice new baths and purchased an introductory membership. I was surprised to find that I could manage lengths more easily that I expected, but disappointed to discover a band of elderly ladies who swam slowly up and down the pool four abreast and talking continuously. I may have to put out a contract on them! I felt brilliant after the exercise, the endorphins creating and unusual effect (for me). So now I've started all I have to do is persevere. Wish me luck.

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