Sunday, 14 December 2008

Back home

I'm home.

James (no 1 son) is here back from university, but he's looking forward to going off to Cambridge to see Charlotte. This means I shall be down half a tank of diesel. Still, I'm sure he'll have a nice time. Charlotte and her parents were at the performance of Cox and Box that we went to and jolly nice people they are. He has a long list of singing engagements over the holidays, so I am urging him to get some insurance for my mothers car, and then he can have that, leaving the rest of us with a fighting chance of having transport when we need it.

Chris (no 3 son) has been invited to be a chair person at the EYP event in Stockholm in April, and is "stupidly happy" to quote his Facebook status. His invite means he will have to go to Stockholm in February too, so this looks like an expensive invite. He needs to get his invite firmed up before doing some serious research into cheap flights to Sweden.

Thomas (no 2 son) has temporarily disappeared of the face of the planet, and we have no idea when he will return home.

A walk round Solihull town centre this lunchtime gave the impression that people here are not suffering much in the "credit crunch". The shops were packed, every car park was full and people were carrying bags and boxes around.

My beloved wife seems to be less worried about Christmas this year. This is good. Perhaps because we are better prepared? I'm not sure we are, but having seen the piece of beef that has been obtained for eating at some point, we seem unlikely to starve. I must now remember to get some drink, 'cos if I don't, I shall be deep in the doodoo.

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