Sunday, 21 December 2008

New wheels

Pictures were promised of the new wheels and here they are.

I think if we look on ebay for two blue flashing lights and some short ex-fire brigade ladders, we can make quite a nice mini fire engine out of it.

Seriously though, everyone in the family who has driven it, thinks it is very chic and it goes quite well. I think it will go better when it has a few more miles on the clock.

It is very pristine inside and the steering wheel is covered in ivory coloured leather. This means that there will be no driving it with dirty hands, in fact a "Have you washed your hands?" sign might be a good thing to have on the dashboard.

In other news, Christmas has started - we went to the festival of lessons and carols last evening. I always regard this as the start of Christmas and I always feel that I am not ready for the big day. This year, when I ask myself "What else have I got to do?", I am hard put to find an answer, so I shall have to offer my time to others in the family. I expect there will be a fair few jobs I can do for others.

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