Tuesday, 27 January 2009

A good send off.

We have finished in Cornwall and are back home.

The memorial service went very well and our children did their Grandmother proud - their singing was clearly a high point for many of the people who attended. The church was nearly full, I think I counted about 70 people present for the service itself, so the turnout was good. We found an excellent caterer who did us proud on the food and drink front, their service was superb. Many of those who attended were kind enough to say nice words about the whole event and the consensus seemed to be that we did Mum proud. I guess we can't hope for any more than that. My beloved wife made a short speech at the social gathering and amused those present with her story of her Mother-in-law which was a gesture I appreciated.

We bowled home with the car and trailer pretty well full of stuff and the next week or so will be spent sorting that lot out, and then tackling the Inheritance Tax forms. Ah well, that is for next week.

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