Sunday, 11 January 2009

On not being a bore...

My daughter and son-in-law introduced me to the world of blogs and in particular to the blog Boanerges. In his recent posts, Boanerges embarks on an analysis of Portsmouth Football Club's needs (and his desires) in the January transfer window. Now I don't support any football team, and I certainly could not undertake and document the kind of analysis Boanerges puts in his blog. I come to the conclusion that I'm not that interested in anything. The things that do interest me are pursuits that I tend to do on my own, e.g. cycling and kite flying. Many people could (and probably do) comment on the requirement of Pompey in the current transfer window, but few would want to join a discussion about Brompton folding Bicycles - and I think I would be very reluctant to start such a discussion. I'm sure I'd get a reputation as a crashing bore.

I'm left to ponder why it is that I am not drawn to support a football club or any such activity that appeals to a large number of people. I have this uneasy feeling that I want to be thought of as "different". Why? I have no idea. I really don't mind that my activities are of little or no interest to anyone else. This aspect of my character has been apparent for some time, but I've never given it much thought until now.

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