Saturday, 3 January 2009

Remarkable stuff this will.

About an hour after my last post, the phone at home rang. It was the matron of the nursing home in which my mother now lives telling me that "It won't be long now" and asking if I would like to come and see my Mum before she died. Around 60 minutes later (in which it seems that I forgot almost everything I was supposed to bring with me) I was in the car driving to Cornwall. That was on Thursday. It is now Saturday morning and Mum is still with us - only just, but she is hanging in there. She can't see me and gives no recognition that I am there. The staff and literature tell me that the hearing is the last sense one loses as one nears death, so maybe she can hear me, but who knows. She eats nothing, drinks nothing and as she is not in pain, seems remarkably peaceful.

Mum was always a strong willed lady and I am fascinated by the strength of will that keeps her going and to what, if any, purpose that drives her will. Her body is completely worn out, but her mind and spirit are not ready to quit yet. Remarkable.

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