Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Collecting purchases

Today there was a trip to Leigh in Lancashire. It was to collect a box trailer. I am hoping it will earn its keep over the next few months. I do, however, now need the legal people to get off their backsides and get the property deals done.

Tomorrow, I'm off to collect the second hand shed I've bought on e-Bay which is going to go on the allotment. Next week will be spent refurbishing it and getting it erected. Once it is up, I'll take a photo and post it on here. Then I must get on with some digging.

Any minute now, No 3 son Chris will return from Luton Airport with his guest (a young lady called Monica, from Romania) who will be staying for a week. I wonder what she'll make of us. I have no doubt that I'll be threatened with death if I'm not on my best behaviour.

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