Tuesday, 22 September 2009


There has been some progress at the allotment. Monica's shed is wonderful and from the old floorboards, I built a "starter" compost bin. In the previous post I explained that I have been given a mass of wood chippings, well ,these have now been trailered to the allotment, unloaded and stored in the new bin, or spread on the ground to form paths.

I took the photo as I was half way through digging the seventh (out of 12) beds in which I shall grow my produce. This digging is hard labour. The ground is full of weeds and the roots from the Mare's Tail has to be picked out as I go along. It doesn't actually take too long to dig a bed, it's just hard, with a capital H. There is one spin off benefit. I don't ache anywhere near as much as I used to after a batch of digging.

Another consequence of this husbandry of a plot is that I care rather more about the weather. It has not rained here for more than 10 days and I find myself looking at the ground and thinking that we desperately need some. The ground is dry and dusty before I get to the end of the bed.

Some seeds have been planted and their locations carefully marked. the next task is to sit down with the seed catalogue and make up an order to ensure a decent crop of all the things we like for next summer (gosh, it seems so far away!)

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