Sunday, 20 September 2009

Too much of a good thing?

As I left the allotments yesterday, Barrie, one of the two new people I'd introduced myself to, was talking to a friend, Tony, in his car. their two cars were blocking the road, so I had to wait until they had finished. I was aked if I would like some wood chippings. Having read Joe Swift's book on allotments in which he recommends wood chips for paths, I immediately replied in the positive. Tony pulled out his mobile phone and showed me a picture of the pile on his drive. It was a bit hard to tell in such a small photo, but I thought two trips with the trailer should get it all removed.

So at 10:00 this morning having been to the tip to get rid of the cardboard, I started to load chippings into the trailer. By 13:00, I had been to the allotment and unloaded the first lot, and returned to Tony's house for a second load. This is now in the trailer and I need to build a bin on the allotment in which to store it. As luck would have it, I spent yesterday morning helping Keith and Margaret, who have the house at the back of ours, to take down an old shed. There is enough wood from that to make the bin for wood chippings. After I've made the bin and unloaded what is in the trailer, there are probably one and a half trailer loads to go to get all these wood chippings removed. Still, the good outcome is that I've had a load of exercise shovelling these chippings and I don't feel too stiff. Perhaps I'm getting slowly fitter....?

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