Saturday, 23 January 2010

Visitors - eventually

Our good friends, Chris and Bren, came to see the new house today. In the process of building a new road (to be numbered the A16) from Peterborough to Spalding, the authorities have mucked up all sat-navs and internet route planners. I had to rescue our visitors from Sainsburys car park (itself something of a war zone this morning) and lead the back to the house. Even then another road had been closed and we had a small diversion. I see why I go to the supermarket on my bike now.

The problem is that a new roundabout has been created on the A16 (to reconnect the new road with the current A16) about 200 yards NE of an existing one, the exit from the existing roundabout has been blocked off and the diversions are nothing like adequately signed.

I have mentally written a note to myself to contact everyone who is scheduled to come and visit and ensure that they know the way, or that their sat-nav is updated.

You have been warned.

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