Friday, 5 June 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Ugly.

I am almost ashamed to admit that I am totally fascinated by the machinations surrounding the Government reshuffle. Gordon Brown has a dogged determination that I sort of admire. Caroline Flint appears to have got it right when she says that he operates a two tier cabinet and James Purnell deserves respect for having the courage to say in plain English what loads of people must be thinking.

Having watched the BBC News24 channel for much of the afternoon, two people caught my eye. The first was Peter Mandelson whose performance made him look the most slimy and repulsive person on the planet - surely he will do more to turn voters off Labour than just about anyone else. Someone really should tell him that he comes across as totally insincere. The second person was Kate Hoey who, in contrast, made the most sensible statements in her interview with Jon Sopel. I really do wish more politicians were like her. She came across as pragmatic and sincere and with no little charm.

The whole performance of the reshuffle has made poor old GB look seriously weak and this wretched Government seems to be desperately clinging to power at all costs. The results of the council elections look very bad for Labour and with European election results on Sunday night, by Monday morning things may look very different again.

If the cabinet were running a company, they would find it very difficult to attract investors.

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