Monday, 29 June 2009

How to fall in Sh*t and still smell of roses

No 3 son, Chris, has broken a bone in his hand - a metacarpel. He did it playing cricket in an ambitious attempt to stop overthrows. Everyone on the pitch heard the break and that was the end of his contribution to the match - there were two balls left and his team won easily. Luckily for Chris, his team included at least two doctors and one of these is a orthopedic specialist in the hospital closest to where the match was being played. So, Chris was transported to hospital, rushed to the front of the A&E queue, X-rayed, plastered, given his next appointments and finally brought home by this consultant. What a hero. When the NHS works like this, we should thank our lucky stars.

Chris has now reached the stage where the novelty has worn off and the pain is significant. A few Ibruprofen will be devoured this week, methinks.

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Ant590 said...

But surely the NHS will never work like this for everyone when consultants are treated like Gods and can allow people to queue-jump who don't need to while more serious cases are waiting for hours.