Sunday, 4 October 2009

Big Day - 2

I did it! I managed to complete the 13 km of the BWC race at Blenheim. the course was a lot hillier than I remembered and I crossed the line a complete wreck. Lesson 1 - more hill climbing in the training for next year. Lesson 2 - more training for next year, i.e. start in June or July not in early September. The first picture shows me (on the extreme left) approaching the halfway point. The chap nearest the camera is lapping me (and a load of others, I'm pleased to say)!

The event is a peculiarly British affair. There is a dress code that men shall wear suit jackets, a collar and tie and ladies should be attired similarly in business dress, although I would not want this lady to wear this outfit in the office on a regular basis it is just too bright!

The last photo shows me some 200m from the finishing line (hence the smile) and being overtaken - another place I lost. However, some 570 of us started. One poor lady crashed very badly and had to be taken off to hospital - I do hope she is OK - and I think I saw three retirees with mechanical damage or who had reached their limit.

I have no idea how long it took me to get round. Well, it was over the 40 minutes I indicated on the entry form, so i shall have to wait for the times to be published on the Brompton web site to see exactly where I came. Watch this space.

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Peter said...

Mightily impressed by your achievement! Congratulations! Hope you weren't too saddle sore - just jolly pleased with yourself!