Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Big Day - 3

The results have been posted on the Brompton web site - I came 505th. I harboured hopes that I would come in the top 500, but I narrowly missed. I would probably have made it had I spent a bit more time building my bike at the start. I got the saddle too high and had to stop (twice) to get it right. More training on building the bike before next year's event. My time was 41min 40 sec which does have the positive quality of being over 40 min - I say this because when I entered, I was asked to put myself in one of 3 categories under 30 min, 30-40 min, or over 40 min. At least I got that bit correct.

Lots of photos are available on the web site and if you follow the links to Bike Blenheim 4 Oct then the link to the Brompton pictures, and then put my race no (560) in the search box, you'll be presented with 12 piccies of me. This should only be attempted by those who have great difficulty sleeping, 'cos most sensible people will not want to see any pictures of me looking pretty knackered.

The fastest Veteran completed the course in 25 mins 46 sec, which I consider highly impressive. My congratulations to Gary. I see that I came 108th in the Male Veteran class which somehow is better than 505th, I can't explain why.

My friends with whom I have coffee on Wednesdays were distinctly impressed with my efforts and this too surprised me. Perhaps they were just impressed by my lunacy for taking part in the event at all. I think our youngest son, Chris, had better take charge of my training for next year.

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