Thursday, 8 October 2009

A twinge of guilt.

The last few weeks have found me spending a lot more time outdoors. What with the allotment and the need to get the garden a bit straighter before the winter sets in, there has been a good deal of physical work to do outside. This has meant that I have been labouring (not that hard, I have to say) in the fresh air. It does mean that sleep comes more readily. Now I've always had the talent of being able to drop off almost anywhere, but now I find it hard to stop myself grabbing a few zzzzzzz's if I sit down in a chair.

Yesterday I had my personal M.O.T. test. As I have diabetes, I have to have a blood test twice each year and an annual inspection by a practice nurse. She weighs me, takes my blood pressure, looks at the cholesterol and blood sugar results from the blood I had taken just over a week ago, examines my feet and asks pointed questions about my lifestyle. She finishes by asking if I have noticed any increase in the symptoms of diabetes (need to go to the loo more often, thirst, tiredness etc.) and I have this twinge of guilt when I answer in the negative, almost certain in the knowledge that after a bowl of soup and a piece of crusty bread for lunch, I shall almost certainly fall asleep in the chair. I tell myself it is all the additional fresh air. Let's hope I'm right.

After all the questions and a review of the blood results, I am passed fit to pursue by dreams for another year.

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