Sunday, 10 June 2007


A trip to Yorkshire and back today to collect mum. She obviously had a lovely time with her friends Gordon and Angela and was spoilt rotten. The drives there and back were pretty uneventful, some 332 miles at an average of 54.5 mph and 56.5 miles per gallon of unleaded, according to the computer in our Fiat Panda. This strikes me as a testament to a modern small car. I have to ask myself why one would want anything bigger and grander.

I was even impressed that we didn't encounter any people who were driving as if they'd left their brains at home. Still, tomorrow is Monday and all the usual nutters will be back behind the wheel (usually of white vans).

Chris's study leave is over, and he is aghast at the requirement to get up at 07:00 to get to school in time tomorrow. What is more, he can't be late, because tomorrow is Bencher (Prefect to most of us) Training day. I do hope they nag him about getting his hair cut.

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