Sunday, 3 June 2007

Two unchanging laws of life

As I now don't have to worry about working, a the laws of life become clearer to me. I've encountered two of these today.

First, freshly showered and dressed this morning, I got the bar-b-que out of the summerhouse and moved it to its summer location. In doing so, some small fugitive element of the last meat to be cooked on this device, leapt off and on to my clean T shirt. Thus condemned to spend the rest of the day looking mildly tramp-like, my reaction was "B*ll*cks, I've just put this on, so I'll look like a tramp, rather than go and change it"

Secondly, and I fear this may come with age, every time I start on a new job, one just gets going, only for one's bladder to indicate that capacity has been reached, requiring a stop in the work.

Tomorrow the Mothership departs for my daughters home. I've been left strict instructions regarding the watering of plants, as well as getting youngest son to some exams. A nerve racking time is predicted, if I fail in any particular, I'm likely to go the way of the plant involved and end up on the compost heap.

Watch this space.....


jamesh said...

=D Hello Dad!

It's good that you have a blog, it's nice to read what's going on back home.

Another law of life that I have come across since coming to uni is that you and the washing machine always share the same taste in socks. I think I've lost about 5 now!

jamesh said...

You will also notice that I have updated my blog for the first time in ages, so you can find out what I've been up to recently.