Sunday, 3 June 2007

A view from the boundary

For the first time in many, many years I spent a couple of hours watching cricket. My son Chris was playing in a youth development team, and for most of the time I was watching he was batting. Well, to be honest, he was doing anything except batting it seemed to me. He assiduously avoided the strike . Whether this was to give his partners a chance was not clear. When he was forced to face some of the bowling, he spent what seemed like ages getting ready, swiping his hair to one side to get his helmet on, etc. I think this was all to put off the opposition. He started well with this aspect of the game - he took his initial guard as if a left hander, and then once the fielding team had moved to positions for a left handed batsman, he promptly took a right handed stance to receive the first ball and they all had to move round again. A nice touch, I thought.

Frankly it was like watching paint dry. I was slightly ashamed, but pleased when he got out, because it meant that we could go home.

It has been a lovely day, but somehow I did not manage a Sunday afternoon snooze. I wonder what the new week holds in store.

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