Sunday, 7 October 2007

An Indian Summer

An Indian summer is what we're having here in Cornwall.
The weather for the past week has been unbroken sunshine and warm temperatures. People have been swimming in the sea. I hasten to add that I have NOT been among them. The photo left shows a view of Pendower beach that I visited on Friday. It was perfect. Almost all of the holidaymakershave now gone home, so the beaches are more or less deserted.

I have now found a dog I can borrow for walks, so I'll have a little bit of company on some days

I even took a picture of myself (see below)

I really only took this picture to prove that the sun was shining at the time. A pretty poor excuse, I know.

The pace of life here is soporific. I seem to spend a lot of time sleeping. However tomorrow is Monday and I have quite a long list of things to do.

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