Monday, 8 October 2007

Other Peoples' dogs

Today I borrowed someone else's dog for a walk. One of life's pleasures is a walk with a dog, and walking someone else's dog seems to be a win-win all round. The owner is happy ("That's one walk I don't have to do"), the dog is happy ("Any walk is good, who cares who the human is??"), and I'm happy. Holly who I borrowed today is a bit of a "Bitza" dog, in that her heritage is distinctly mixed, but she is very good company. Since I am quite a bit more energetic than her lady owner (who is of more mature years than me) the walk was longer and more activec than Holly was used to. There was even some stick throwing which seemed to please her no end. Thus she ended up somewhat puffed and gave every impression of enjoying the whole experience.

The same is true of Ebony, the other dog I "borrow" who is much fitter and more energetic, I just hope she doesn't find out and get jealous.

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