Saturday, 20 October 2007

What have I been doing....?

A week has gone by since my last post, and I don't seem to have done anything. Last weekend and the beginning of this week was spent in the passenger seat of the car while Chris practised. He is quite a good little driver, so I do hope he passes on Thursday. On Wednesday the car was serviced, passed its MOT test and was cleaned too. I also managed to fill it with petrol, so it is now all ready for the big day.

Thursday was the trip to Cornwall by train, which really went quite smoothly. My uncle, in common with most of my older relatives, obviously believes that "Road Closed" signs don't apply to him, as he waited on the wrong (i.e. closed) side of St Austell railway station. Luckily, I thought this might happen, and so went and looked for him. That meant I did not have to take a taxi.

Cornwall is lovely, the sun is shining and as it is half term, the village is full of visitors. Long may the weather remain as good as it is now.

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