Sunday, 9 March 2008

A decent Sunday

I cooked lunch today (see Goings on in Gerrans link on the right) for details. Basking in general praise for the lunch, I went for a walk on a longish beach not far away. There were surfers in the sea, and the usual myriad of dogs being walked as I ambled gently down the beach. I guess that the beach is around a mile and a half long, and it wasn't until I was nearly at the far end from the car that I twigged that the westerly wind had been behind me all the way. I thought it had been easy going. Having reached the rocks at the far end of the beach, I turned round to walk back and rapidly realised that it was quite a strong wind - going back was nowhere near as easy as the outward journey.

Getting home, full of good food and fresh air, it will surprise no-one who knows me to discover that I felt compelled to conduct an hour long investigation of the inside of my eyelids.....

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