Monday, 24 March 2008

To worry, or not to worry? That is the question.

I'm not an expert in things medical, but is looks very much as though my mother is deteriorating steadily. She can no longer stand unaided - she can get out of a chair, but once upright, promptly falls over unless she holds on to something. Also, the company who provide her visiting carers have written to say they will no longer do so after 30 March, and so it looks like I shall have to make some calls tomorrow.

All this causes me to worry, and I'm not a worrier by nature. It also causes other people to worry for me, which comes as something of a surprise. However, having had a think and a short pray, I've realised that I can only do whatever I can do, and if that is not adequate then we shall have to face the consequences. None of us may like the options, but at least we still have some.

In other matters, Mum and I are going to have these for supper, and this recipe was sent to me by Firstborn, our beloved daughter. Should they not prove as good as she thinks they will be, I shall have to think of some sanction to apply. Right now, I can only think of shipping her three brothers to stay with her as a suitable punishment (and it is only a punishment if they all go at the same time), but I may come up with others. However, if they prove to be delicious, I shall have to find a purveyor of posh white chocolate buttons (to which Firstborn is addicted) and purchase some as a small reward for her thoughtfulness. We shall see.

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