Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Something to look forward to?

At 10:05 tomorrow I shall board the fine Crosscountry service at Truro station which will take me home. At the weekend we are off to London to see the Head of the River Race (details here). Half of me hopes that the wind dies down from what it has been over the last two days... the other (mischievous) half thinks that with some 400 crews heading down the river from Mortlake to Putney, a very special kind of chaos could ensue if there is a strong wind.

After the weekend, our sons will return home for the Easter holiday. Their homecoming is characterised by the appearance of lots of dirty laundry, and a more or less instant emptying of the fridge, and the cars missing from the drive when you want one. Still, for three weeks or so it is nice to have them at home.

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