Thursday, 6 March 2008

In another "grey" moment today, having driven to Truro with two lists, I got everything from one shop and completely forgot one item on the lists.

My uncle and aunt wanted to go to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo in August. Would you believe it, when I phoned up the ticket office today to ask why the ticket purchase website was not available, a nice lady told me it was because there was only one ticket for one day available. Tickets went on sale in mid December 2007, and they've all gone.

I can only infer that there are a lot of very weird people around. Why would anyone want to spend an evening outside watch a bunch of military men and women marching and generally doing their stuff? I can imagine nothing more boring (well, a day at Crufts, maybe). I know many will disagree with the foregoing opinion, and , of course, they're entitled to their view. However, I just think the military should be fighting, training to fight, or taking R&R with their families. They should not be a branch of the entertainment business.

Talking of things military, I could not help smiling at the comments made by our red-haired soldier Prince along the lines of "I don't really like England very much". That's fine, son, now Foxtrot Oscar to somewhere you do like and stop being a burden to the rest of us. Oh, and please take your father and his lady friend with you.

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