Tuesday, 25 March 2008

A Good Day

Today has been a good day.

First of all, I have succeeded in untangling the lines of my kite. I took a four line Revolution kite to the beech on Saturday and two disasters occurred. The first of these was when one of the bracing poles came detached and dropped into the sea. It was in the very shallow water and I could see it, but got my shoes, socks, feet and the bottoms of my trousers very wet getting it back. The second occurred when the lines got very, very tangled as they got caught in the dried seaweed on the beach. In the end, I had no option but to roll up all the lines and bring the whole tangled mess back home. I made a start to the untangling process on Sunday, but I gave up as I couldn't see in the evening light and the apparent size of the task had me thoroughly demoralised. Today in the sun, on the extended dining table, I was able to have a proper go at it in good light, and guess what? It all came undone quite easily. In all, I estimate I spent some four and a half hours untangling the mess, so it was not exactly a trivial task....

The second good thing is that phone calls to get a replacement care package for my mother seem to have been successful. I am just waiting for a confirmation call tomorrow. Some growling at a lady in the Adult Care Service was necessary to achieve this, but hey, I must not be thought to be going soft in my old age. My offspring would rip me limb from limb, and I'm not ready to give up being leader of the pack yet.

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