Saturday, 3 May 2008

A good friend of mine is a member of the Labour Party and lives with his family in Clapham. I feel for him today. I have Conservative tendencies, and I am both surprised and delighted at their success. Ken Livingstone had passed his "sell by" date as Mayor of London, and while I have enormous admiration for what he has done and the profile he has created for the position of Mayor of London, I think he and his advisors ran a poor campaign and deserved to get beaten.

As for what our revered Prime Minister is thinking today, I cannot begin to guess. What seems so incomprehensible is that he seems unable to grasp that this is largely his own fault. Since the non-election in October/November, he has made some astonishing decisions which have brought him and his government to this point. Winning the next General Election from where he is today will take an awful lot of doing, and I rather suspect that he does not have the personality nor the cabinet colleagues to pull it off.

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