Friday, 9 May 2008

Visitors and a possible ban...?

Today we have been inundated with visitors. The District Nurse was first at 9:00 and Fran, the carer, was last at 18:45 and there have been seven in between. And we went to the hairdressers this afternoon. I can't speak for my Mum, but I'm exhausted.

I am in danger of being banned from the hairdresser's. During my haircut yesterday, the stylish Alison suggested that a series of themed "Fetish Days" would attract customers. In a discussion, we discussed some ideas for suitable themes. Today, Alison (bless her) repeated some of these ideas in the presence of the proprietor Sarah, and an other male customer who showed significant enthusiasm. Quite how she arrived at the conclusion, I am not sure, but Sarah decided that I was behind all this and that banning me might be the next move. Hmmmmm.

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