Friday, 16 May 2008

Money, Money, Money

I arrived home at half past nine last evening. Today has been a bit hectic with collecting and banking money. My colleagues on the charity committee had a most successful event last week and raised nearly £1000. As a result there were loads of cheques to be banked and a mass of cash to be counted and banked. One of the lovely ladies who collected all the money had miscounted by £10, so I spent quite a long time trying to work out why I could get the numbers they gave me to balance. When I finally resorted to counting it all to complete the paying-in slip, I found the error. This small error in no way diminishes my admiration for the hard working colleagues who made this event such a success. They obviously have a much better appreciation of what will appeal to the audience than me.

As most of this money was collected from a house which was on my way to the bank, rather than bring it all home to count it, I retired to the cafe in the Library and sat a a discreet but large table to count it all and then complete the paying-in slip. I felt slightly nervous about doing this until I had a good look round at my fellow coffee drinkers. There appeared to be only one person younger than me and the vast majority of the others were little old ladies. I'm pretty sure I could have taken most of them.

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