Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Doing my little bit

My response to the Chancellor's decision to lower the rate of VAT to 15% was that it would not be enough to make a huge difference. I may now have to eat my own words as I have done my little bit to stimulate the economy. I have ordered a new car. It is a Fiat 500 and looks very like the one in the picture. Ours will not have the white stripe, and will have some chrome bits, and has a glass panel in the roof. It is the demonstrator from the Fiat garage in Warwick that we use. We cannot take delivery until the 17th December, but that is not long to wait.

I very much suspect that my contribution will not be the saviour of our economy and it seems apparent that the country is in for some very difficult times. In my own selfish way, I am glad that I do not have to grapple with the economic issues which now face us. I have enormous regard for those politicians, economists and communicators who try to identify the best paths to take and then to explain their choices and decisions to the population at large. I'm sure my brain would explode with the effort involved. The sums of money being mentioned are unimaginable, and I hope that any burden we create now for subsequent generations does not become an intolerable burden for them and their children.

In particular, I wonder what the people of this land make of what is going on. Do the majority of them understand what is being done? I have to say that I doubt that many do. My daily tutorial comes from Robert Peston's Blog on the BBC News website. He has the knack of putting things in words I find easy to understand. His piece I have linked to confirms my suspicion that the Government only has so much power, and that it will be fund managers who finally decide when the banks have enough capital to make them good risks again.

How does that Chinese curse go again...?

"May you live in interesting times"

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