Tuesday, 18 November 2008

A Miscellany on arriving Home

Home to find that only a reasonable amount of stuff has been piled up in my study and I have today managed to sort most of it out. I also came home to find that my bedside light has been broken and I fear I must accept some of the responsibility for that as I had left it perched on the top of the bedhead from which it was easily knocked.

Following a trip down to the town today, Jini and I realised that we had forgotten at least two things that we had identified before we set off. This is a sad reflection on our collective memory, and reinforces the need for us to have compile and then take with us, a comprehensive list.

The twins seem to have enjoyed their 21st Birthday, each celebrating in his own way, and there are vague rumours that Chris might be getting paid employment. I do hope this turns out to be true as it will mean he will have to smarten up a bit, I certainly would not pay the scruffy little oik (as he is now) anything at all.

It is hard to conceive that my mother will live much longer. She has weakened to the point where she cannot even support her own head and it pains me deeply to see her in such a state. I can only assume that staying alive is now an act of will, and knowing my mother's will she may live for quite a while yet.

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