Sunday, 2 November 2008

Old Friends

Today we have had great pleasure in hosting a visit of two old friends. To be strictly accurate, they are not that old, simply that they have been friends for a very long time.

They brought with them, their dogs, who are two Russian terriers. The larger of the two (the male) weighs in at around 64 kilos (10 stone) while his female companion is slightly smaller at around 57 kilos (9 stone). After a late lunch we decided to take the dogs for a short walk. I was entrusted with the male who is slightly better behaved. Throughout our walk, I was very conscious that if Parker decided he was going somewhere then I was going too, or I had to let go. Fortunately he decided that where I wanted to go looked good enough and so I managed to keep control, but I have never been so aware when walking a dog that I was only in control because he was happy that I was.

It is not surprising that the other people and dogs we met were very keen to keep a considerable distance between themselves and our two canine charges.

I like dogs, but I would not want two that big.

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