Wednesday, 12 November 2008

Get Well Soon, Guys

When your children are ill you worry. When they are ill and away from home the feeling of powerlessness is palpable - well it is for me, anyway. Our two sons at university, one in Durham and one in Warwick (Leamington Spa to be precise) are, or have been, unwell. One is slightly behind the other, but both have been confined to bed and feeling downright rotten. There is nothing I can do to help except speak comforting words over the phone or via Skype. Get Well soon Guys.

My mother will not be getting well. She simply wants to die peacefully and soon. It is a very cruel twist of fate that she lies in her nursing home bed, unable to do anything for herself after living such an active and independent life. It is no wonder that she is depressed and tearful. I feel pretty powerless to help her too.

Lots of Love to Everyone.

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