Wednesday, 4 February 2009

Another day at the coalface.

The probate and Inheritance Tax forms finally defeated me and I had to phone the helpline. The instructions on the web do not clearly spell out the sequence in which things have to be done and the dependencies between things, but the nice lady on the helpline soon put me straight. Form IHT421 has to go to the Probate court and then be submitted with all the other IHT400 forms to the IRCS. I now await the letter from my uncle renouncing his role as executor and the copy of my father's will and grant of Probate. Then we are off!

Our new garage door was fitted today and looks very nice in its pristine white finish. I must try and be more diligent about locking the garage now.

The car has been serviced - less than I expected and the snow is slowly melting. All we need now is for some warm weather and I shall be a really happy little Ted.

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