Sunday, 15 February 2009

Training - making a start

Last year I was monumentally impressed by the achievement of No. 1 son, James, who over a period of three days cycled from London to Paris. Also last year, at the end of September, I watched in awe as some 400 Brompton owners took part in the round of the Brompton World Championships at Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire. I put a number of posts in this blog about it.

Having now acquired a Brompton, and started to do something about my fitness with the regime of swimming, I have decided that I shall take part in the equivalent 2009 round to be held (again at Blenheim Palace) on Sunday, 4th October. Details of the day can be found here. I am rather hoping that some of my family and friends will come along for the day out, cheer me on (or have a good laugh at my expense), and that I can put up a good showing in the Over 60 category. I have noted, however that the results of last year show the leading Over 60 to have completed the 13km (8 mile) course in just over 25 minutes, and the winner in just over 21 mins.

So, yesterday the folding machine got a superficial clean, the tyre pressures were checked and some oil was applied to the chain and this morning I set off on my first training run. I cycled for exactly one hour with a brief stop some 500m from home to collect the Sunday paper. I have driven the route in the car and see that the distance I covered is almost exactly 10 miles, and the feeling of well-being at the end made it all worth it. I need to cycle this route at least twice each week and get my time down to around 40 minutes. If I get reach this level of performance, I shall not make a complete fool of myself in October. I really need a training partner..... Any Offers?


Thomas said...

Yo Dad, I still communicate via certain mediums! Am well proud of all the fitness stuff, I'm dragging myself to the gym every now and again just to make sure I'm not embarassed when I get back home! As far as training goes, try 2x 1K two days in a row, that really gets you going!
Lots of love to everyone.
Thomas xxxx

James Hall said...

I'll cycle with you Dad :)

(When I'm around, of course. During term you're just going to have to find someone else :P)